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Dovolená od 1. 8. 2022 do 5. 8. 2022

Léto 2022

Vážení zákazníci, dovolujeme si Vás informovat, že od 1. 8. 2022 do 5. 8. 2022 nebudeme k dispozici. Pro urgentní opravy zkuste kontaktovalt servisní kolegy podle Vaší lokality, seznam firem naleznete na adrese https://www.vaillant.cz/pro-zakazniky/servisni-sit/.

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Installation of Vaillant gas boilers, service of Vaillant and Protherm gas or electric boilers including regular long-therm maintenance.[*]

Our services covers entire Liberec county, nevertheless we are able to provide the service in other localities if requested.

No power limits of installed or maintained boilers. We focus on home and as well on big boiler rooms (50kW and above).


Provozovna Liberec, Žitavská 664/18 460 01 LIberec

Office Liberec, Žitavská 664/18, 460 01

[*] each boiler, by the manufacture, should be maintained once a year. Otherwise it could lead to the functionality issues or to the problems regarding an insurance claiming.

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